Why You Should Sign Up For An Elevator Service Maintenance Plan

21 December 2015
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If your elevator is in pretty good condition, you might not think about elevator service, maintenance and repairs very often. However, it can still be worth your while to sign up for an elevator service maintenance plan that will include regular maintenance and repairs as-needed. These are a few reasons why you should think about using one of these services. Keep Your Elevator Safe One of the main things that you have to concern yourself with when you are responsible for an elevator is the safety of the people who use it each day. Read More 

Tips To Keep Your House Safe From Fires This Holiday Season

3 December 2015
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With the holiday season fast approaching, now is a great time to make sure you are up to date on how to keep your house safe from fires. The holiday season tends to be the most dangerous time of the entire year for house fires. Here are a few tips to make sure that you don't become part of those statistics. Keep Your Fireplace Clean  If you intended to use your fireplace this holiday season, schedule a chimney inspection before you fire it up for the year. Read More 

Letting In Light without Sacrificing Privacy in the Bathroom

16 November 2015
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The average American spends around one hour a day in the bathroom. Over the course of time this really adds up, and it's no surprise that many homeowners are becoming more concerned with creating a functional and relaxing bathroom space. Great lighting plays a big role in how functional and comfortable the space is. For this reason many bathrooms come with windows that let in natural light. However, the main drawback of having sufficient natural light in a bathroom space is that privacy is often sacrificed. Read More 

3 Common Electric Oven Problems And Solutions

28 October 2015
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Electric ovens consist of a thermally insulated chamber that is great for baking, cooking and heating. Though these appliances tend to offer good service for years on end, they can sometimes be marred by problems to their main components such as the thermostat, igniter, control panel or fan motors. In most cases, fixing a problematic electric oven could be easier than you think, as long as you know where the problem might be. Read More 

Making Sure Your New Metal Roof Outlives You

13 October 2015
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With just a little attention each year, your new metal roof can give you up to 80 years of service. It can easily be the last roof you ever put on your home. Having it inspected annually by a roofing contractor is one way to catch minor issues before they turn into major problems. But there are a number of other steps you can do between contractor visits to keep your roof in good shape. Read More