Troubleshooting A Well Pump That Has Stopped Working

19 May 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you have a water well that uses a submersible well pump that has stopped working, figuring out why the pump is not running can be challenging. Several things can happen between the pump and house that can cause the pump not to run when you need it, and calling a well pump repair company to troubleshoot the pump could be your best option. Here are some of the things they'll look at. 

Power to The Pump

The first thing your well pump repair technician is going to do is check to ensure you have power to the pump. The tech will check the breakers in the electrical panel to make sure that it has not kicked off and that there is power coming out of the breaker. If the breaker is faulty, the power will come in on one side but may not cross the bus and leave the breaker even if it is in the on position. 

If the pump has power coming out of the electrical panel, the tech will move on and check a few other things in the house before pulling it out of the well.

Well Pump Controller

Inside your house, typically near the pressure tank, is a controller that will tell the pump to turn on or off when it needs to. The controller can fail if it has been in use for many years. The tech will check the controller to ensure it is working as it should and sending the power to the pump when the water level in the pressure tank is low. 

If the controller fails, the pump will not run, but if the controller is working correctly, the problem may be the well pump itself, and the well pump repair service will have to pull the pump out of the well.

Well Pump Failure

Failure of the well pump is not a common problem unless the pump is very old or faulty in some way. The tech will pull the well pump out and check the pump over carefully. If there is no visible damage to the pump, the tech will test the pump by providing power to the pump directly. If the pump runs, the issue could be the wiring running to the pump, and the tech will need to check the entire length or replace it with new wire. 

If the pump does not run when tested, the solution is to replace the pump with a new well pump. The well pump repair company can provide a new pump and install it for you while they are there.

For more information on troubleshooting your well pump, talk to a well pump repair service in your area.