How Long Does Commercial Roofing Last?

5 January 2020
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As someone who owns commercial property, you may have to redo your commercial roof at least once in the next two decades. Depending on the age and condition of the building when you buy it, commercial roofing replacement may be sooner than later (or vice versa). Ergo, you probably have a few questions regarding the lifespan of a commercial roof and how to extend that lifespan. 

How Long Does a Commercial Roof Last?

In general, these roofs last about twenty to fifty years, with the usual commercial roof materials. If you opt for metal roofing for a commercial building, you may never have to replace the roof in your lifetime! On the other hand, a flat rubber roof may need replacing anywhere from five to fifteen years after it is initially installed. 

How Long Will a Roof Last If It Is Already Looking a Little Rough?

If you failed to climb up and get a gander at the roof on the building you bought, you might be in for a shock now. A roof that is a bit rough when you buy a property will not improve, and maintenance at this point will not help you either. You have about five to eight years left when it is clear that the roof has marked age, stress fractures, and/or other damage. 

If You Replace the Roof, How Long Do You Have Before the Roof Shows Signs of Wear?

Well, that depends on the roofing materials. The good news is, if you make every effort to maintain the good condition of the roof, it will take a very long time before it needs repair or replacing. You can get a roofing contractor up there to maintain the roof and check it twice a year. 

What Is Involved in Roofing Maintenance to Extend the Life of the Roof?

Usually, the contractor will climb up there, check the current state of the roof, and if it is not too bad, the contractor can patch it. After patching anything that needs patching, the contractor can apply a thin layer of asphalt to really hold the roof together and keep it looking more uniform. In fact, a thin coat of asphalt every year can easily address some of the situations on the rooftop, including the start of some cracks. If you can stop these things before they start, then you will save more time and money. 

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