Dangers Of Shoddy Electrical Work

1 August 2019
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DIY electrical wiring may save people money, but it should only be done by people with electrical knowledge and experience. Otherwise, the DIY work can end in shoddy electrical wiring that can trigger the dangers below.

Inadequate Protection

Electricity is dangerous, but professionally installed electrical wiring is much safer. Professional electricians put measures in place to ensure that the electrical current flowing through the wiring doesn't pose any danger. When a homeowner does shoddy work, however, they might make a mistake with one or more of these measures. For example, a homeowner might fail to install ground wire properly or to install an arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) properly.

Electrical Fire

Poor installation of electrical wiring can lead to conductor overheating that can lead to an electrical fire. For example, if the previous homeowner did some DIY work with unsuitably thin wires, like when wiring an overhead fan, the wires might overheat and burn.

Electrical Shock

You may also experience electrical shock if you move into a house with shoddy wiring. Electrical shock can ensue if the wiring insulation is damaged, if there is an electrical short circuit, or if there are exposed wires in the house. For example, an improperly installed subpanel in the basement might give you a nasty electrical shock when you try to reset a tripped breaker.


Your electrical wiring might not work properly all the time if it was improperly installed. A light bulb on an improperly installed fixture might burn out at the worst time, leaving you in the dark. An electrical outlet might burn out and deny you electrical power when you need it the most. A backup generator might fail to kick in when the power goes off during a storm.

Code Violation

When you move into a house with code violations, you become responsible for the violations unless you can prove wrongdoing on the part of another party. The consequences of electrical code violations are grave. For example, your home insurance company may suspend your coverage until you correct the violations. The local building department will not approve further renovations on the house until you correct the existing violations. You may also have to pay some monetary fines and incur the costs of bringing the wiring up to code.

Shoddy electrical work is dangerous for everyone. Therefore, if you move into a house with shoddy electrical work, contact an electrician as soon as possible. The electrician will evaluate the electrical wiring and offer you a safe solution.

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