What Exactly Siding Services Entails: It Is More Than You Think

15 May 2019
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When a business labels itself as "siding services" you kind of wonder what makes the service a plural set of services. After all, most people would think that siding just entails installing new siding or replacing old siding. Actually, there are other services involved, if you know what to ask for and how to get these services. 

Adding Insulation

Maybe you did not realize this, but usually, when new siding is installed on a home, the contractor checks the insulation in the exterior walls to make sure it will keep the home warm and dry. If you have the bare minimum required insulation, your siding contractor will not only recommend that you upgrade the insulation, but he/she will also install it prior to installing the new siding. Since you already have the contractor there for the siding, it is rather convenient to install additional thicknesses of insulation to keep your home toasty and comfortable all year long. 

Adding A Vapor Shield Waterproof Barrier

This tar-like black paper product is excellent for preventing moisture from getting through the insulation into the wood parts of the walls of your home. The barrier goes over the insulation and under the siding, preventing any precipitation or evaporation of cold or hot air from getting through in either direction. Even if a big wind takes some siding off of the house, this vapor shield/waterproof barrier will protect the insulation and the wood until you can get the siding back on the house. 

Matching Your House Siding to the Garage

If you have a detached garage on the property, and you want siding on the garage to match the new siding on your house, you can request this as either a joint project or a separate venture. However, it is just easier for the contractor to order extra boxes of the siding and do the garage right after the house is finished. It also ensures that the dye lots of siding in the successive boxes will have the same coloration, and you will not get a garage with slightly lighter or slightly darker siding than the house. 

Painting the Siding

Some siding and remodeling contractors will paint your new siding too. If you opt for wood or pretreated white vinyl siding, the contractor will paint the siding whatever color you like, usually before installing it on the house. If the siding is already installed, it can still be painted at a later date, should you so choose. 

For more information, contact your local siding services.