Want To Start A Residential Painting Business? Supplies You Will Need To Get Started

26 March 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Not everyone enjoys painting houses. However, if you love the smell of fresh paint, the sound of a roller sticking and releasing paint to walls, and the meditative process that goes into preparing to paint and painting, you might want to start a residential painting business yourself. The following is a typical list of supplies that most painters have on hand and use frequently when they are contracted to paint one or more rooms in a home. 

Protective Items

When painting, you should be in a well-ventilated area. If you can open windows, that is great. If you cannot open any windows in the client's house, you will need a respirator to protect against any fumes. (Otherwise, invest in fume-free paint when you do this.) You will also need something to cover your head when you paint ceilings, eye protection or a face mask, coveralls to keep paint off of your clothes (or clothes you do not mind getting paint all over), and a pair of grubby shoes on which you do not mind sprinkling, dripping, and/or spattering paint. You can also wear those blue bootie protectors over your feet, if you would rather do that. Additionally, you will need several tarps to protect the flooring in every room you paint, and painter's tape. 


For tools, you need a Phillips and a flathead screwdriver to remove the face plates of switches, outlets, and vents (if the vents are in the walls and not in the floors). A paint can prying and opening tool, stirring sticks, a rubber-headed mallet to close paint can lids (if you are not using paint cans with screw-off lids), rollers, paint spraying machines (if you prefer to use these),  handle extensions for rollers, trim rollers and/or edging brushes, and a few other choice tools are required for most painting jobs, too. It is quite an investment to get everything you need before you ever get a contract with a client and the first gallons of paint.

Paint, Primer, Stripper

These final and necessary components of any indoor home painting job are not something you buy ahead of time. You have to first assess each job individually. Do they have wallpaper that needs to be removed? If yes, then buy the wallpaper stripper/remover. Would you prefer to use a paint and primer in one, versus using a separate paint primer and paint? If that is the case, wait until your clients select the colors and finishes of paint they want. Then buy the paint/primer in one in the color of their choosing.