3 Ways To Manage Rock Falls On Your Property

19 November 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Do you own or manage property that has a steep drop? Worried about rocks falling off that drop and threatening buildings, roads, or even people below? Rock falls are very real and serious threats. When you have a steep cliff or drop, all it takes is one weather event to cause a rock fall. Even the gradual shifting and movement of soil over time can cause rocks to tumble down the cliff. That could cause substantial damage to your property or even cause serious injury.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your property and minimize the chances of a rock fall. Below are three such steps. A contractor who works in soil management and stabilization, such as from Geotech Solutions Inc, can help you determine which method is right for you.

Mesh nets. One simple solution is to place mesh nets over the area that is most at risk for a rock fall. These nets should have hexagonal mesh in which the openings are small enough to catch any potential rocks. The mesh usually has enough strength to hold the rock back, but also enough flexibility to allow rocks to move without the mesh breaking. The mesh is anchored into the soil or rocks in a variety of places so that one snap or tear doesn't damage the integrity of the entire net. This is an effective solution when you're worried about small rocks falling frequently.

Wire panels. These panels work similarly to mesh nets, but provide greater strength and support so they can help prevent larger rock falls or large-scale slides. The panels are made of twisted wire and are bolted into the surface of the cliff or drop. They hold back rocks and sliding soil to keep the landscape in place. Panels are often used in conjunction with nets to provide a double layer of support.

Soil stabilization. Finally, you may also want to consider hiring a contractor to change the overall soil on the cliff or drop. Many contractors and engineers can undertake something called soil stabilization. This means that adjust the soil to reduce the chance of rock fall. That could include changing the landscape altogether by adding embankments into the drop. That reduces the slope and lessens the likelihood of a rock fall. They also could add chemicals or polymers to the soil to make it less vulnerable to shifting and movement. The exact method depends on your soil composition and the specific risks.

Ready to protect yourself and your property from rock falls? Contact a contractor or engineer in your area. They can analyze the area in question and recommend a solution.