3 Reasons To Choose A Home Addition Over A Gazebo

30 May 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you're thinking about increasing the livable space of your home, one shortcut that you might consider is adding a gazebo to your yard. Even if this structure isn't technically attached to your residence, you can position on the back patio or deck with an entrance just feet from your home's back door. While there are lots of advantages of having a gazebo installed in your yard, a better choice is to plan an actual home addition with a remodeling contractor. Here are three reasons that an addition is better than a gazebo.

1. It's Connected

A big reason to choose an addition over a gazebo is that the former is actually a part of your home. If you're going to a gazebo, you have to walk outside. Even if the walk isn't far, it may not be pleasant to span this space during inclement weather, for example. This isn't a concern that you have to think about with an addition, as you'll be able to directly access this space from a chosen room in your house. The fact that the addition is connected to the house alleviates concerns over how you'll light or heat the space, too — it will be connected to your home's electrical network and furnace ducts.

2. It Boosts Your Property Value

There's no disputing that adding a gazebo to your backyard may be enticing to future buyers of your home, who could offer more money for you to leave the gazebo behind. However, this pales in comparison to the effect that a home addition may have on your property. When you build an addition, you're increasing the square footage of your home, which is a metric that your real estate agent will use to assess the property's value and thus its listing price. Even if the addition is only 200 square feet, this extra space can be substantial in terms of how it affects value.

3. It Offers Flexibility Of Location

For homeowners who wish to add a gazebo, they often find that they're limited by where they can put it. For example, you customarily aren't going to place a gazebo in your front yard, and the side yard may not be wide enough in suburban lots. This means that you're forced to place it behind the house. Additions offer more flexibility. For example, many homeowners build additions onto the fronts of their homes to add a new living room, or may even think about a second-story addition. This flexibility is more than you get with a gazebo.

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