3 Solutions For Custom Finishing Pavements For An Attractive Look

18 January 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Pavement is usually a dull and unattractive addition to the landscape, but today, you have several options for custom pavement finishes. Some of the options that you may want to consider for custom pavement finishes include, acid staining, stamped concrete and epoxy coatings. Here are some of the solutions that you will want to consider for an attractive pavement finish:

1. Acid Staining Concrete for a Custom Pavement Finish

One of the best solutions for a custom pavement finish is acid staining. This is a process of staining concrete with different chemicals and acid. Acid staining is a great solution to simulate the look of premium materials like marble or custom tiles. It is also a type of finish that gives you options for personalized designs and patterns. It is a great solution for pavements that are used for walkways, sitting areas and outdoor living spaces.

2. Durable Epoxy Coatings for A Custom Protective Pavement Finish

If you want to have more of a protective finish for pavement, then epoxy coatings and sealants are a great solution. With epoxy coatings, you have a choice of many different colors to add to the finish of pavements. These are durable impermeable finishes that are great for outdoor spaces, workshops and garages. If you want to do more colorful pavement finishes, epoxy coatings will give you a choice of almost any color you want. In addition, there are also textured colors that can be added to epoxy finishes, which will make them a nonslip surface. The fact that epoxy finishes are easy to clean, also makes epoxy ideal for areas that are prone to messes, such as garages and shops.

3. Stamped Finishes That Give You a Custom Concrete Pavement Finish

Stamped concrete is another option that you may want to consider for a custom concrete finish. It is a great choice of finish if you want to have a traditional cobblestone or paver look for your pavements. In addition, the stamped concrete finishes can also be coated with a protective sealant, which does two things; it helps protect the concrete from wear and erosion, as well as adds attractive color to the finished pavement. There are also options for finishing stamped concrete pavements to make them look more like natural stone.

These are some of the options that you will want to consider for attractive pavement finishes. If you need help with some of these solutions for your home, contact a pavement contractor for help with some of these pavement finishing ideas. For more information, contact companies like Panther Construction Inc.