3 Tips For Renting Power Tools This Summer

3 August 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Summer is a great time to tackle projects that you don't normally have the time or the weather conditions to do. Some of those projects may require the use of one-time power tools that you don't already own, just as an arch welder, table saw or power washer. Instead of purchasing power tools that you don't already own, consider renting them instead for your special summer projects.

#1 Where To Rent Power Tools

There are a few different places that you can rent power tools. Most home improvement stores have some type of equipment rental program that allows you to rent power tools by the hour or by the day. You generally have to put down a deposit in order to rent these power tools and will be required to transport them to and from your home on your own.

There are also rental companies whose only line of business is renting out power tools and other temporary equipment that people need. They operate in a very similar way to home improvement stores, requiring deposits and allow you to rent the tools for specific periods of times.

#2 Have Everything Set-Up

When renting power tools to do a special job, your time really is at a premium, especially if you are renting the power tools by the hour. That is why you should have the job all set-up. You should have all the other equipment that you need already purchased and ready to use by the time you rent the power tool. You should have already done the other elements of the project that don't require the use of a power tool.

This will save you rental time. That way, when you get the power tool home, you can quickly finish and complete all portions of the project related to the use of the power tool. This will allow you to get everything done that you need to in an efficient manner.

#3 Make Sure You Have Safety Gear

When you work with power tools, especially power tools that you are not that familiar with, you need to make sure that you are taking all safety precautions. Before you pick up your rental power tools, make sure that you have googles, ear protection and a face mask. Depending on the power tool, you are also going to want to have sturdy shoes and long pants and a shirt handy as well to protect yourself while using the power tools that you are renting for your project. 

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