The Different Damage That Flooding And Water Will Cause To Structures

29 December 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

When you think of flooding, mold and rot come to mind. There are many more problems that can come from flooding. Steel may rust, structures can be compromised, and various health problems are caused by flood waters. When your home has been flooded, here are some of the problems and damage that you must deal with during your water damage restoration:

1. Mold and Rot That Damage Structures and Cause Health Problems

Mold is one of the biggest issues that homeowners are concerned about after flooding. The spores of black mold pose a serious health risk and will need to be cleaned up. Mold is also what causes wood to rot and can compromise the structure of your home. If you want to be sure your home is safe, any of the wood that has signs of mold damage will need to be replaced to ensure structural integrity of your home.

2. Metal and Steelwork That Can Be Compromised by Water Damage

Metal is a material that often gets overlooked after flooding. Many of the components of structures are steel, which will easily corrode after being exposed to water. If you have steel beams, posts, or other structural members in your home, look for signs of rust to see if they need to be replaced or repaired to prevent structural failure.

3. Sewage, Flood Water and Bacteria That Can Cause Serious Health Hazards

Sewage is another problem that you may have to deal with after flooding. Raw sewage that has entered your home is a serious health hazard. This is because sewage contains a lot of bacteria, disease, and other nasty things. To keep your family safe, you will want to have any raw sewage damage cleaned up by a professional service.

4. Erosion That Causes Damage to Concrete and Foundations of Homes

One thing that may get overlooked after flooding is erosion and damage to concrete. During a flood, soft soils beneath your home can wash away. This may cause footings and other concrete structural elements to fail. To ensure your home is structurally sound, you will want to have any erosion problems corrected and damage to concrete repaired by a company like Osborn Inc.

These are some of the water damage problems that you are going to have to deal with after a flood. You will want to contact a concrete repair contractor to help with repairs to the foundation of your home and damaged concrete and waterproofing systems.