What You Need To Know If You Plan To Build A Bathroom Yourself

24 October 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you are planning to build an additional bathroom in your home yourself, there are many decisions that you will need to make in the process as well as factors to consider. Building an entirely new bathroom out of an empty storage area or by taking converting all or part of one room to a bathroom may sound like it will be a simple task. However, there are many steps to take in this process. Get to know more about what you can expect and what you should do when you are planning to build the bathroom yourself so that you can be sure whether this is a project that you can manage on your own or that you need professional construction contractor assistance with.

You Will Need to Know the Plumbing Throughout Your Home

When you are starting with a completely blank canvas for your bathroom, it means that the area you are converting does not yet have any of the plumbing for a bathroom. Because of this, you will not only need to put in the fixtures like a sink, toilet, and bathtub and/or shower, but you will need to install pipes that will connect all of those fixtures to the incoming and outgoing plumbing systems that already exist in your home.

This means that you will need to become intimately familiar with the plumbing in your home including all of the pipes that run to and from other fixtures in your home. You will need to know which bring water in and which take water out, and you will need to get behind the walls (and under the floors in some cases) of your home to work with those pipes and install others. This can be challenging to anyone who is not a professional plumber with years of experience.

You Will Likely Need the Help of a Tube Bending Company

To get your plumbing properly connected to your existing household plumbing systems, you will likely need the help of what is known as a tube bending company or service. Because you are adding on a bathroom where one was not meant to be in your home's original design, you may need to work with a custom pipe or tube bending service to get the precision you need to connect your new bathroom to your home's plumbing systems. This can help to ensure that your new bathroom functions better and that you do not have any problems with leaks or poor water flow later on down the road.

With these factors in mind, you can more effectively decide if building your new bathroom is a challenge you want to tackle on your own or if you want to hire a team to take care of the process for you.