5 Ways To Keep Hardwood Flooring Pristine

5 August 2016
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When it comes to new hardwood flooring, keeping it in pristine condition should be a top priority. Wood floors are an ideal addition to any home, as it is easy to care for and clean. Although hardwood does not stain or hold dirt like carpeting does, it can be easily ruined if it is not properly cared for. Do not make the mistake of failing to care for them immediately after installation. There are several considerations to keep in mind when caring for floors.

Prevent Scratches

One of the worst things that can happen to wood flooring is damaging them with scratching furniture. Rooms with furniture that is moved frequently, like kitchen chairs or tables, can easily make marks on beautiful hardwoods. One easy and inexpensive way to prevent this is by placing simple felt pads on the legs of the furniture. This will prevent any major damage and keep the furniture looking nice as well.

Utilize Area Rugs In High Traffic Areas

Areas of the home that see a lot of foot traffic are at risk for wear and tear as time goes on. To keep this from happening, consider placing some light rugs or runners in these places. This also prevents dirt and moisture buildup from people walking throughout the house. In addition to keeping the floors safe, it can also make them look very nice. 

Clean Flooring Regularly

One of the best ways to keep the floor looking nice after installation is to clean it regularly. Removing dust and dirt particles can greatly enhance the life of the floor. If using cleaning products, be certain to only use the type designed for hardwood. Check with the installer on which type is best to use. To keep it simple, use a microfiber dust cloth and a simple wet mop.

Keep Pets Maintained And Groomed

Pets are a fantastic addition to a family unit, but they are also very damaging to hardwood flooring. Make sure their nails are trimmed regularly to prevent dents and scratching. Also keep their hair trimmed and well combed out. Pet hair holds dirt and dust, which can cause problems for hardwoods. 

Maintain A Adequate Temperature In The House

Major shifts in temperature change can have an adverse effect on certain types of wood, so keeping the temperature level is recommended. Natural material will react to temperature and humidity. Extreme changes can cause hardwood to expand and buckle, putting it at risk for falling out of place. It can also contract and cause gaps between the planks, making it the perfect place for dirt and dust to fester.

Flooring is a major component of a home, and hardwoods are often a very large investment. Keeping it in good condition will take some work, but it is not impossible. Incorporating some of these tips is an ideal way to ensure they will last for years to come. Contact a business, such as Cooper Floors, for more information.