Three Frequent Questions About Owning Garage Doors Answered

7 June 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Automatic garage doors can be an excellent addition to almost any home. While these doors are fairly common, you may not have much experience with them if you are a new homeowner. As a result, you may find it difficult to make choices about choosing to have one of these door systems installed. If this is something you are struggling with, you might find the following garage door questions and answers useful.

Does It Matter What Type Of Garage Door You Install?

When you are choosing your garage door, it may be tempting to simply go for the option with the lowest price. Unfortunately, this can prove to be an expensive decision as traditional garage doors can be a source of energy inefficiency. Rather, you may want to pay the additional cost to opt for garage doors that are insulated. These doors will be less drafty, which can help to drastically reduce heat loss and gain.

Will Your Home's Garage Doors Function When The Power Fails?

Power outages can be a common problem during stormy weather, and some homeowners may make the assumption that garage doors will not work when the power is out. Luckily, these systems are usually designed with a battery backup that can provide enough power to keep the door functioning. Once the electricity is restored, the batteries will start to recharge so that they can be ready for the next outage.

How Do You Care For A Garage Door?

To help reduce the risks of your garage door suffering mechanical issues, it is vital for you to follow the recommended maintenance guidelines for your door. These guidelines will often include checking the lubrication each month, dusting the moving parts of the garage door and having the system professionally serviced.

When a garage door is being professionally serviced, the technician will inspect the motor that raises and lowers the door to make sure that it is free of wear and tear that could lead to performance issues. Additionally, they will inspect the primary torsion spring. When this spring encounters problems that cause it to become warped or snap, it can cause the garage door to be unable to open. When the spring is inspected by a technician, they will be able to determine whether it is starting to suffer extensive wear and tear that could make it more susceptible to warping or breaking. If this is the case, these professionals can quickly and safely replace the spring so as to avoid these potential problems.