Keeping Your Patio Door Secure

12 April 2016
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The beauty of your patio is enhanced by choosing the right patio door. Often, these sliding doors make your home feel open and almost part of the outdoors. They are a stylish addition to your home, but they can have one major drawback: security. In order to protect your home and family, you need to make certain your patio door is burglar-resistant.

Sliding Doors

One of the easiest and most effective ways to secure a sliding patio door is to use a slide-locking bar. You can buy one of these devices at a hardware or discount store, or you can make one yourself out of heavy wood or metal. You simply cut a narrow bar to half the length of your door and slide it in the track. This action prevents thieves from prying open the door, even if they dismantle the lock on the handle. It is simple and effective, particularly against criminals who are looking for an easy mark.

Glass Film

The reason burglars are so attracted to patio doors is that they are located in the back of the house and contain so much glass. When you let in the sun, you also take a chance on letting in intruders. One way to protect yourself is to apply window film. This film strengthens your door glass and helps to keep it from shattering completely when hit with a rock or brick. Burglars can eventually get in, but the film slows them down and may encourage them to take off before actually entering your home. 


You need drapes or some other window covering for use at night or when you are gone. Criminals like to know what they are getting into. If they cannot see what's on the other side of the patio doors, they may decide to go elsewhere. Of course, leaving your patio doors constantly uncovered can be an invitation to crooks to come in and help themselves to your computer or television.

In addition to the above suggestions, you can choose from a variety of inside locks that enhance the security of your patio door. Consult with your patio door expert to find out what safety measures will best work with the door you have in place or the new door you are having installed. Patio doors add style to any home, but they are also a favorite entryway for burglars. Take steps to make your patio door more secure. 

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