3 Options To Protect Your Foundation From Future Damage After Repairs

8 March 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

There are many things that can damage the foundation of your home. Repairs can be costly, which is why you may want to do additional improvements when you do repairs to prevent these problems. This can include adding tensioned cable, improving drainage and waterproofing your foundation. Here are some of the improvements that you may want to consider to avoid future problems when you repair your foundation:

1. Tensioned Cables To Prevent Settling With Underpinning Repairs

Settling problems may mean that you need to have underpinning done to your foundation. This is where posts are driven into the ground to raise the foundation and support it. This may fix any area where problems have occurred, but there are other areas that may need to be addressed. For homes on soft soils, a tension cable system in concrete slabs can help ensure that your home settles evenly and does not have future problems. This is something that can often be done in combination with underpinning of your foundation.

2. Improving Exterior Drainage To Keep Water Away From The Foundation

In areas that get a lot of rain, drainage can contribute to water problems and damage to foundations. This is because static water pressure causes waterproofing failure and cracks in foundations. It is something that is common in basement homes and that can affect homes on crawl space foundations. To prevent these problems, you will want to consider a grading design that allows water to drain away from your foundation, which will help prevent static pressure that causes the damage.

3. Update Waterproofing Systems To Stop Static Pressure From Cracking Foundation

Another problem that may cause damage to the foundation of your home is poor waterproofing systems. This can be the sealant that is on foundation walls, as well as interior drainage systems inside your home. When you are having repairs done to your foundation, you will want to have these problems looked at and decide if you need improvements. This is something that is also common with crawl spaces and basements, as well as foundations that have areas that are below the exterior grade level.

These are some improvements that you may want to consider having done when you have repairs done to your foundation. If your home is having foundation problems, contact a basement waterproofing contractor and talk with them about some of these additional repairs to protect your home from future problems.