4 Inspired Ideas For Your Kitchen Countertops

29 January 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

The kitchen countertop is more than a convenient work surface. The countertop presents a large visual in your kitchen. As such, your selection of a countertop design goes beyond utilitarian concerns. Design a kitchen countertop that enhances the look of your kitchen as well as streamlines your daily tasks.

Granite Tiles

A slab of granite can add a big expense to a kitchen installation or remodeling. Granite tiles cut down on that expense. Moreover, granite tiles afford you several design options. For example, you could use the regular pattern of squares to enhance the geometry in a tiled backsplash or tile floor. Additionally, contractors can use colored grout to add more pattern and color to the surface. Finally, there's no reason you couldn't replace certain tiles with a complementary colored tile or even have a checkerboard pattern installed.

Quartz over Granite

Many homeowners think of granite first when it comes to stone countertops. However, engineered quartz offers a similar profile. Not only that, as Home and Garden TV points out, engineered quartz eliminates the inconsistent patterns common in natural stone. This allows you to create a more cohesive look in your kitchen. For instance, select a bold color, such as red or green, with uniform speckling to add a touch of pop art to your contemporary kitchen. On the opposite end of the spectrum, enhance the clean look of a modern kitchen with stark white quartz countertops.

Aging Marble

Marble adds instant elegance to any space, including the kitchen. The material is not as durable as quartz or granite, though. Better Homes and Gardens points out that this can create a lovely patina that changes the look of your kitchen over time. To maximize the impact of your marble countertop, find a way to make it stand out. For example, mix the cool tones of white marble with warm sand and sun tones common in the kitchen. Likewise, consider using marble only on a specialty station, such as a kitchen island.

Concrete Mixed Media

Concrete is more than a durable surface – it's also widely customizable. If you want to add creative flair to your kitchen, consider having a concrete slab installed. Contractors can dye or stain the material to match almost any palette. What's more, they can also lay the concrete with other materials installed. For example, they can inlay a hardwood cutting board, a series of ceramic tiles or even recycled materials such as glass and steel.

As you're selecting a countertop material that fits your budget and work needs, also consider design options to complement the ambience in your kitchen.