Tips To Keep Your House Safe From Fires This Holiday Season

3 December 2015
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With the holiday season fast approaching, now is a great time to make sure you are up to date on how to keep your house safe from fires. The holiday season tends to be the most dangerous time of the entire year for house fires. Here are a few tips to make sure that you don't become part of those statistics.

Keep Your Fireplace Clean 

  • If you intended to use your fireplace this holiday season, schedule a chimney inspection before you fire it up for the year.That way, if it needs a cleaning, you can schedule one before you start to use it.
  • Additionally, put a screen in front of your fireplace to keep the embers inside. Remind your family that the only thing that should be burnt inside of your fireplace is wood. Do not put wrapping paper inside of your fireplace.
  • Finally, remind your children and any other children that visit your home to stay back from the fireplace.

Put The Matches Away

  • If you have any matches or lighters in your home, treat them like medicine. They should be stored away from the reach of all children in your home. Matches and lighters can easily start a fire in your house.
  • In addition to keeping all matches and lighters away from children, make sure you sit down with your children and let them know that matches and lighters are not toys to be played with, and are only to be used by adults.

Inspect All Holiday Lights

  • If you are going to string up holiday lights, be sure to inspect each strand that you take out of storage and each strand that you purchase. Make sure that there are no cracked or frayed wires. You should also make sure that the sockets are not broken or bent. If you are using any extension cords, you should also inspect them and make sure that they are in good condition. 
  • When putting up lights, don't string too many strands together. Stick to stringing together two or three strands before you start over. 
  • If you are hanging up lights outside, do not secure them in place with staples or nails. Staples or nails can easily damage the wiring and lead to a fire. Instead, put them up with either clips or hangers.
  • Turn off lights when you are not at home to keep an eye on them.

Keep Your Christmas Tree Well Watered

  • Finally, if you get a Christmas tree, make sure that you keep it well watered. A well-watered Christmas tree is a lot less likely to catch on fire than a dry and brittle tree.
  • Also, remember to keep your tree as far away as possible from any sources of heat in your home. 

Stay safe this holiday season by following the holiday fire safety tips above. Following these tips could save your life.