Letting In Light without Sacrificing Privacy in the Bathroom

16 November 2015
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The average American spends around one hour a day in the bathroom. Over the course of time this really adds up, and it's no surprise that many homeowners are becoming more concerned with creating a functional and relaxing bathroom space. Great lighting plays a big role in how functional and comfortable the space is. For this reason many bathrooms come with windows that let in natural light. However, the main drawback of having sufficient natural light in a bathroom space is that privacy is often sacrificed. The good news is that there are plenty of style choices that can help provide natural light without affecting the privacy of the space. 

Custom Glass

One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to bathroom privacy, especially on first-floor bathrooms, is the windows. Windows let light in, but they also allow anyone from outside to get a view into the bathroom. Other parts of the bathroom, such as shower enclosures, are also often made of sheer glass that offers little in the way of privacy. Using custom glass for bathroom windows and shower enclosures is a great way to provide some protection. Texture and color can be added to custom glass in order to provide more privacy. Contact a service like the â€‹Wildwood Glass Company Inc for options.


A skylight is another way to increase the natural light in the bathroom without sacrificing privacy. There are many options for skylights, ranging from tube lights to larger skylights that can open to provide ventilation. What should be considered before adding a skylight is whether or not it will overheat the bathroom and whether or not it can be placed in such a way that provides enough natural light to illuminate the space. Overall, skylights are a great way to add light without affecting privacy, especially in bathrooms situated in the interior of the home rather than at exterior walls.

Shades and Blinds

While custom glass and skylights are wonderful at providing more light, they are also expensive options. For homeowners who want more natural light in their bathrooms without spending as much money as the previous options require, shades and blinds are the go-to options. The best way to add natural light to the bathroom while still keeping things private is by adding sheer shades and blinds. Sheer materials will let the light in without exposing the bathroom to the outside.

Bathrooms are an important part of many homes. In order to make them comfortable spaces, many homeowners try to create a space that lets in natural light without sacrificing privacy. Custom glass, skylights, and sheer shades and blinds can help achieve this goal.