3 Common Electric Oven Problems And Solutions

28 October 2015
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Electric ovens consist of a thermally insulated chamber that is great for baking, cooking and heating. Though these appliances tend to offer good service for years on end, they can sometimes be marred by problems to their main components such as the thermostat, igniter, control panel or fan motors. In most cases, fixing a problematic electric oven could be easier than you think, as long as you know where the problem might be. This article will focus on 3 common oven problems and how you might be able to fix them.

Your oven won't heat up

A common issue with electric ovens is an element that won't heat up despite the oven fan and thermostat light coming on. This would indicate that power is getting to the appliance, but there is a problem that is interfering with the heating element's ability to conduct heat. In most cases, this problem is a failed fan or oven element that should be replaced.

If this isn't the issue, have an appliance repairman perform a continuity test to confirm that the safety thermostat fuse at the back of the appliance is intact. The fuse often fails due to poor ventilation or a faulty oven thermostat, so ensure the oven is in a well-ventilated area of the kitchen, preferably near a ventilation vent or window, and have any faulty thermostats replaced.

The units are burning at either side of the oven

This is a common problem that usually rears its ugly head when the door to the appliance is faulty. A faulty door that won't close properly could be caused by faulty door hinges or failing door runners. This is usually common in older appliances that have suffered significant wear and tear over the years, in which case the faulty door hinges/rollers should be repaired.

For newer appliances, this problem could be attributed to poor ventilation. This can be caused by cupboards or kitchen cabinetry that is too close to the oven front, cutting off airflow to the appliance. If not solved, poor ventilation can cause the thermostat to fail or the element to overheat. Placing your oven in a properly ventilated area and increasing the spacing between your oven and cupboard doors can help solve the problem.

A noisy oven

Noise from your appliance is often caused by faulty moving parts, especially in the cooling fan motor. This often happens when the fan blades get caught in the casing due to misalignment, producing a screeching noise. An appliance repair company like 5 Corners Appliance Company can align the damaged blades or replace the fan, allowing the cooling system to operate more quietly and efficiently.