4 Reasons To Hire A Street Sweeper To Clean Your Company's Parking Lot

12 June 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you are a business owner, you may not think about your company's parking lot often. However, keeping your parking lot clean by hiring a street sweeper is a wise idea, and not just because it helps the parking lot look clean. Here are some reasons to hire a street sweeper for your company's parking lot.

Employee and Customer Safety

One of the most compelling reasons to hire a street sweeper is that leaves, garbage and other debris can collect in your parking lot, particularly near the gutters. This may lead to trip and fall accidents. Not only that, but excessive debris might cause people to misjudge the distance between their car and other cars or the roadway. That can lead to accidents. 

Avoid Pests

Small animals are drawn to garbage and other debris for a number of reasons. They may use dead leaves to hide in, or they may be attracted to your parking lot because the scent of trash makes them think there may be food. Not only do you want to avoid attracting unwanted attention from pests that you have to then deal with, but it is a driving hazard. People will have to avoid hitting these pests when they go in and out of the lot.

Car Damage

Rock particles and other debris can cause problems for the cars that go in and out of your lot. Rock particles can disturb the undercarriage coating of cars, and nails and other objects can cause flat tires and scratch cars in your lot. That can lead to unwanted car repairs. Street sweeping will ensure that there is nothing in the lot that can damage vehicles.

Proper Drainage

If there is debris clogging your parking lot's gutters and drains, water will not be able to drain properly. If this happens, water will pool in the parking lot. This can cause problems for cars trying to get in and out of the lot, and the standing water may work to erode the surface of the lot itself. Having a street sweeper clear the gutters for you will ensure that water drains properly.

Now that you are aware of some of the reasons that hiring a street sweeper is a good idea, hire one to keep your company's lot clean. Consult a professional street sweeper, like USA Services of Florida, to find a company who can clean your parking lot on a regular basis.