Two Full Bathrooms: Part Of The Blueprint For A Happy Marriage

26 February 2015
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It might sound a little funny, but having separate full bathrooms may be one of the keys to a happy marriage. Hard to believe? Both Johnny Cash and Michael Caine have praised the separate bathroom concept as being important in this regard. When you're looking over house plans, that's something to keep in mind. Consider the convenience, extra space and privacy you get from a second full bathroom.

The Space Factor

Johnny Cash mentioned space as being the important point for his wife June Carter Cash when it came to separate bathrooms. The two were married for 32 years before June passed away in 2003. 

When you each have your own bathroom, you each have plenty of room for your stuff. You can keep your favorite shampoo, shower gel, bubble bath, shaving items, soap, toothpaste and everything else wherever you like without having to share space or feel crowded. 

The Convenience Factor

Michael Caine not only mentioned the extra space, but the probability that he'd never get in the bathroom if he and his wife only had one. Michael and his wife Shakira were enjoying their 42nd year of marriage when he made the remark in 2014. 

With two full bathrooms, there won't be any aggravation over who is taking too long in the shower or on the commode when the other person needs to get in. 

The Mystery Factor

Married people can become all too complacent about their bathroom rituals. They might not think twice about urinating – or even doing the other duty – with the door open or even while their spouse is in the same room.  That's not a way to maintain any sort of sex appeal. 

What About the Kids?

Johnny and Michael apparently didn't have much to say about which bathroom the youngsters should use. When you have that kind of money, the kids can probably have a third full bathroom.  But what about your situation? Can you afford a third full bath in your new house, or does that seem a bit excessive? 

If you have children, you might consider a three-quarter bathroom, which has a shower but not a tub. Otherwise, decide ahead of time who has to share their bathroom with the kids.  

Concluding Thoughts

If you don't see any way to swing the full second bath in your floor plan, at least choose a floor plan with an additional three-quarter or half-bath. That way there's always privacy when someone needs to use the commode, and a much greater likelihood that a toilet will be available. Your guests will appreciate the extra convenience as well.

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