How To Prevent Birds From Damaging Your Glass Door

12 February 2015
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Glass doors are a beautiful option for homes, but birds crashing into the door can be depressing and destructive. If birds frequently crash into your glass door, these steps can help you to stop or reduce the amount of times it happens and protect the glass from cracking or breaking.

Why Birds Crash

Birds generally crash into glass doors and windows because they're either seeing something through the glass and don't realize the glass is there, or light is reflecting off of the glass and they're seeing their own environment in front of them on the glass. Birds may also be more inclined to crash if a bird feeder or a plant they enjoy feeding from is nearby.

The easiest step to prevent birds from hitting your glass is to remove all things that might appear attractive to them from near the inside of the door. Remove plants, cat trees, hanging ornaments or other items and place them somewhere else in your home.


If you're worried that birds still may be interested in something in your home, putting tinted film on the inside of your glass door can help. Tinted film prevents birds from seeing into your home as easily, and they can recognize that there's something between them and the item in your home that they won't be able to get through.

Exterior shades for your glass doors can stop birds from seeing a reflection that they fly into, too. These shades are mostly transparent, with multitudes of pin-holes so your home is still filled with the natural light a glass door provides. From the outside, however, they block the reflection so birds don't get confused.


If you don't like the idea of tinting your glass door, you can creatively decorate your door and achieve the same effect. Placing decals or painting designs on your door can frighten birds or make them understand that there's a surface there that they can't fly through. Decals are particularly useful, since they can be removed any time and changed out if you want to change the design.

Protection From Shards

As a final protective measure, placing security window film on your door can help to prevent dangerous shattered glass from ending up everywhere. The film adheres to the glass and holds it in place even if it's cracked or broken, so you and your family won't be at risk of getting hurt.

Thankfully, many choices exist for preventing bird strikes on your glass door. Following the steps in these guide will not only protect your door, but will help to prevent the unnecessary deaths of innocent wildlife.