Protect Your Baby's Knees From Your Hardwood Floors

29 January 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Toddlers who learn to crawl on hard surfaces can get red, scratched up knees over the course of a day. Luckily, toddler bodies come with extra padding (baby fat) that protects them from injury, and many toddlers hardly seem to notice when their knees get red from crawling. That said, many parents feel the urge to protect their babies from hard surfaces. If you would like to prevent your toddler from getting red knees on your hardwood floors, these tips will help you protect your baby, so he or she can crawl around in comfort. 

Lay Down Rugs

Lay area rugs on the high-traffic areas where your toddler spends the most time crawling around during the day. You'll find that rugs may come in handy anyway when your baby is starting to walk, because rugs will provide padding when your toddler trips and falls. 

Use Play Mats

Play mats are a common household item in homes with toddlers, and they come in different sizes and types. Some play mats are heavily padded and are most suitable for laying on, while other play mats are more like rugs or carpets. You may have play mats in your house for your toddler anyway, but if you don't, consider purchasing a few rug-like play mats with non-skid bottoms for those rooms where your toddler spends the most time. Lined up with rugs and carpets, play mats make an excellent crawling surface. 

Purchase Baby Knee Pads

Baby knee pads are another product available to protect toddlers who spend all day crawling around on hard floors. Baby knee pads actually protect children learning to crawl and walk, so if you purchase knee pads for your crawling baby, you may be able to use those same knee pads later when he or she starts to take independent steps.

Prepare the Floors

Hardwood floors may have sharp nails or staples sticking up out of the boards that need to be removed. To find the nails and staples, slide around the floors with rubber-soled shoes. You'll be able to feel the difference when you slide over parts of the floor that have sharp metal shards protruding from the boards. Use a pair of needle-nosed pliers to remove any nails and staples that you find. If you find that these are common in your floor, consider contacting a company like MD Walk On Wood Floors to see if any repairs or refinishing is in order.

As a concerned parent, there are many ways you can protect your toddler from getting red knees while crawling on hardwood floors. That said, if your child expresses no concern about his or her knees, and your hardwood floors don't seem to be preventing your child from crawling, there may be little reason to worry. Babies are very resilient and their bodies are often able to absorb rough treatment without issue.