Design A Deluxe Outdoor Kitchen

27 January 2015
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If you love cooking, then cooking outdoors is the next logical step. Don't envision just sweating over a smoky grill, though. Instead, transform your patio and yard into a deluxe outdoor kitchen.

Grilling Workspace

For your outdoor kitchen, plan on a grill with many functions. You may even opt for a pizza oven. That said, don't limit your culinary expertise with too little workspace. Counter space is essential in your home's kitchen, and it's just as important in your outdoor kitchen. Plan for enough workspace to accommodate your cooking style, using your indoor kitchen as a guide.

Design a counter that includes not only a work surface, but also storage space. Likewise, when planning the design, Better Homes and Gardens suggests choosing resilient materials. For instance, opt for granite countertops. Granite is a very durable and attractive material that is also easy to clean. Granite serves as an ideal material for your outdoor countertops. Speak with experts like State Stone Corporation Inc. for more info.

Outside Fixtures

There's no point in having enough workspace if you keep having to run indoors for the necessities. Instead, include amenities such as a sink and a mini refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen design. Consider the pros of your inside sink set-up, and replicate them outside. For instance, if you find your built-in draining board essential inside, you'll love it outside, too. Likewise, place a mini fridge within easy reach of your work station for cooking and entertaining essentials.

Herb Garden

Speaking of keeping ingredients within reach, add an herb garden to your backyard landscaping. Place it close to the patio. Start with a centerpiece plant, such as a bay laurel shrub or a large rosemary. Plant a selection of your favorite herbs around it for the freshest flavorings possible.

Another option is creating a container garden of herbs in the kitchen itself. Arrange a selection of potted herbs near your grilling workstation.

Design Ideas

As you plan the actual design and décor of your outside kitchen, use your home as a guide. However, some attractive design ideas include the following:

  • Serving station: Build a small wall between the grill and dining area to keep the two spaces distinct.
  • Natural materials: Match the granite countertops with natural stone accents, such as rock-face cabinetry.
  • Built-in barbecue: Have a brick barbecue installed as the focal point of your outdoor kitchen.
  • Snack bar: Instead of a serving station, have an eating bar installed as an accoutrement to your kitchen.

Plan an outdoor kitchen that includes enough workspace, such as an expanse of granite countertops. Include amenities such as a sink and mini fridge. For design extras, consider options such as an eating bar or brick barbecue.