Hidden Roof Damage; For Tips To Help You Identify Hail Damage On Slate Roofing Tiles

14 January 2015
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Storm damage can cause a lot of problems with roofing, and sometimes it can be hard to identify. It can be difficult to spot on asphalt shingles, as well as materials like slate tiles that people generally think of as storm resistant. Hail can cause pitting, cracks and loose tiles on a slate roof, which is why if you have recently had a hailstorm in your area, you may want to have your roof inspected. Here are four things that you will want to look for to spot hail damage on a slate roof:

1. Shattering Of Slate Tiles

Cheap slate products are often used for quick repairs on slate roofs. The problem with this is that cheap slate can easily be shattered with large hail. It is a good idea to hire a reputable slate repair contractor to do your repairs. When you talk to the repair contractor, ask them about the types of slate they use for their repairs.

2. Pitting In Slate From Hail

Any type of slate can be pitted from hail damage. You can see this damage on the slate where it looks like there are tiny craters in some of the tiles. This may not cause problems right away, but overtime water can get into your home and cause a lot of damage. Any slates that are pitted from a hailstorm should be replaced by a roofing repair professional. Replacing these damaged slates will ensure that your home is protected from water damage and that your slate roofing lasts for many years.

3. Cracking Of Slates

Cracking is a more obvious sign of hail damage. Sometimes is can be easy to spot the cracking in slate tiles. There will be an obvious fracture in the tile that makes it look different from the face of other tiles that are not damaged. Even the smallest crack in slate can cause roof leaks, which is why you really want to have slate roofing inspected by a professional, and have all the damaged slates on your roof replaced.

4. Tiles Coming Loose

Hail is not the only cause of damage when you have a storm. Wind and hail can also cause some of the tiles to come loose. This can sometimes be fixed by using a bracket to put the tile back in place. If there is damage to the tile though, it will need to be replaced with a new slate tile. You can tell when slates are loose by looking for any tiles that do not line up perfectly with the tiles on the same row. Even a tile that is slightly out of place can cause a problem with your roofing.

These are four things that you will want to look for when you have had a hailstorm. If you have found damage or want to have a professional inspect your roof, contact a roofing repair contractor that does roof damage insurance claims to have them inspect your roof and give you an estimate on the cost of repairs.