A Guide To 3 Favorite Kitchen Design Themes

17 December 2014
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A custom-designed kitchen is one of the best ways to showcase your personality in your home. While every kitchen should have a unique touch, following a few established design guidelines is an excellent way to build your kitchen around a central theme.

Here are some of the characteristics of three great kitchen design styles.


Traditional kitchen design can be somewhat difficult to describe. It is a broad design style that encompasses themes that are common to both English and French design. Muted colors like cream, light gray, and green are characteristic of this style.

To achieve a traditional kitchen design, you should choose countertops made of granite or marble, and a backsplash made from wood or brick. Knobs, faucets, and other features should be shaped and detailed, but not so ornate that they are distracting. Use curtains and rugs with outdoor or wildlife designs to complete the look.


Contemporary design combines bold colors with streamlined hardware. While wood finishes in a contemporary kitchen are predominantly black, any other furniture will be colored a bold red, blue, yellow, or even orange. Any patterning that is used in the kitchen will be strictly geometric.

The fridge in a contemporary kitchen should be stainless steel or black, and the rest of your hardware and appliances should match. For many contemporary kitchens, a stainless steel chimney extractor functions as a centerpiece for the design. You should also employ closed storage and limit open storage for a highly organized design.


Country themes are the best at capturing a warm and inviting feel for your kitchen. Unfinished wood and handcrafted wood furniture are trademarks of a country design. If you do not want to use hardwood flooring, you can use brick tiles to complete your design.

Country kitchens make ample use of open storage to display knick-knacks and antiques. Mason jars, hand-made baskets, and wooden bowls make excellent shelf styling for any country kitchen. Red and pale green are characteristic colors of this style, and any cushions or curtains in your kitchen should be designed with plaid or floral patterns to match the style.

Remodeling your kitchen with a new custom theme can be one of the most fun and fulfilling DIY projects. If you are unsure about the colors or materials that you need to complete your theme, talk with an employee at a local home supply store for more ideas about how to create the perfect design for you.

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